• 2016/1/9

    i-sogofukushi activity report~with feeling of gratitude for one year~Year End Big Show At the end of the year like last year, December 29th, We had big event called [The End Year Big Show] in i-community Home Konodai (※Following Year End Big Show Event held in our MFS Kounodai)
    The End Year Big Show is a show organised in Ichikawa Kounodai MFS, clients participated in fancy dress party with good music. This event was to show gratitude towards our clients for using our MFS.
    October, last year a thanksgiving party was held. Many of our clients were pleased & had fun. This year this event will be much more interesting and fun filled.
    MFS Kounodai all staffs and our clients were full of pep. We love the events.
    Have a glance on our power boosting events participated by our staffs and clients.

    Video:About Dancing Hero Gymnastics
    Watch our [Dancing Hero] video. MFS Kounodai, we were suprised by our clients' power of spirit & energy. This gymnastic rehearsal was held 2 weeks before the event. Honestly, we were not sure whether it would be this much fun. After the event, we were so proud of our clients. This was best event we ever had. Taking this as an opportunity, we want to held this gymnastic event for 2nd and 3rd time and so on..
    Small scale Multi-functional Satellite Care Service (MFS),
    Our staffs united and aims to become No.1 Community-based facility provider. We will try our best to get co-operation from people living in each district. Clients will get satisfication more than ever. We would like to build a new style home.

    i-community Home Ichikawa Kounodai Home Manager Sasaki Eisou
    ①Behind the scenes, before performances, sound/music check, meetings, nervous time! ②Sellout crowd! clients from Group Home Ichikawa konodai participating waiting for the event. ③Here you go. Greetings to newly appointed home manager Nakaishi of new office. Nakaishi became care manager in january 1st, 2016 and shifted to new care home this april. ④And now, program starts, music & dance see the energy of our clients practice.
    ⑤Staff singing looking at Sakamoto Kyu. It was quite beautiful voice indeed. ⑥Guys wearing girls dresses and dancing in dream girls by Beyonce. Home manager Sasaki is on the left. ⑦Home Manager Sasaki dressed as Sayuri Ishikawa. One of our clients suprised him with a flower. ⑧Celebration of finale success. We look forward to celebrate together next time too. Many thanks and love from our staffs.
    i-group Home/ Community Home Kounodai
    Greetings from our Ex.Home Manager Nakaishi

    In i-community Home konodai, we are committed that our clients will never feel bored. Everything we do with our clients, together we enjoy. And we want to make our home cheerful always. In order to enjoy everyday, we need to recreate our outgoing plans with our clients often, eat and have fun together. We will try our best that every clent will feel like living our own home. In Bokkemachi, this april. i-group Home Bokkemachi has just opened. We want to create our home a friendly environment with local community and in exchange. Anyone who is interested, feel free to visit us and talk and relax here. With exchanging communication with our homes in ichikawaminami & kounodai, together we will equally take part in programs, events, trainings etc.
    i-group Home Bokkemachi (newly opened, april 1st, 2016) Home Manager Nakaishi Tomoyuki

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