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We are hunting land to lease Group Homes and Small Scale Multi-functional care Services (MFS).

Interested landscapes are as follows.

Location/Area Type Seeking Nationwide
Under City/Municipality License & Permission
※Please feel free to contact us
Environment and
Far from commerical facility site, train station, highway,
apartments which has parking facility or land in dormant condition.

Plot size Over 150 Square meters
Building Scale Wodden building, 2-stored building with 160 square meters total, 80 square meters in each floor,
or 160 square meters total in one floor.
Our Homes We would like to lease the building built by our landlords/owners.
Contract Form Contract form to lease up to 20 years (renewal contract after 20 years)

i-group Home Kawasakinogawa
For More information, Please consult and contact us.
Group Home 2 Unit Plan

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i-sogofukushi Inc.

Development Departmentkaihatsu@i-sogofukushi.com

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