• Many people around the region came to visit us.

    "I knew that a group home was opened in our locality", "Came to to visit for preparation of my future", "What really is a group home?" etc people had curiosities. Lots of people were admirer of our group home, they visited us. Visit tour was also available before opening a month but who don't have any idea about our opening facility, it is quite hard to sneak. Even some people who were interested, it was hard for them to step in. Like this time barbecue event, everyone young/old and people living nearby having fun together. It feels great to have tour visit and answering to the queries. Visitors in this event, mostly were interested o know about Group home and its facilities. We believe they see the sound and how lively our home is. Young care staffs making "onigiri" and meals eating happily. this really feels like home with family together. People with dementia living in their sweet homes, must be in hard with their everyday life. In our group home, dementia experts will take care. We know people with dementia need constant care & we provide full support and help. As our units are divided into small group, so, it will be helpful to give attention & vice-versa.
    Family considering i-sogofukushi Group Home (some examples with problems & solutions)

    Precautions to disasters like Earthquake, Tyhoon

    For natural disasters like earthquake, our home is well prepared & equipped with 40 different emergency items such as first-aid supplies, hand strechers, flashlights, helmets, emergency candles, power generation radios, house hold goods such as wet tissues, waste processing boxes, foods & drinks such as dry bread, alpha rice (instant rice), emergency water etc. Our home has 27 numbers of clients, in case of emergencies, these goods will be sufficient for 3 days and for care staffs also.
    In addition, we have installed vending machine in the home entrance, independent electric power plant. So, even in case of blackouts during disaster, we can use it.
    Our emergency stock room basically is a lifeline to our clients in our home. Our home is also equipped with AED (Automated External Defibrillator), in any case of disaster, it will not only support people in our home but also lives of local residents.

    We support with retention of dignity of our elders. Our aim is to provide continuous support and service to our clients with their own lifestyle and own living region, till the end. In today's super-aged society, one in four, 85 years old, suffers from dementia.
    They are living within us & it seems small number. But, we believe that care home like us, make a difference in our community.

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