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  People who don't have any experience about working as a care giver or those whose family memebers are genuinely in need of care, everyone have once heard about Japan as being "Population Ageing" or "KOREIKASHAKAI". In present Japan, population ageing is growing more rapidly than ever. We, our company, i-sogo fukushi believes care giving as a essential job. Nationwide, who are genuinely in need and expecting our care are in multitude numbers. The neccesity of our job will increase from present and will inevitably in demand. So, our business will have to expand.

If you want to persue your happiness by giving a ray of hope, dream and joy not only to people who are in need of our care but also to their family. And if you believe in working as a team to fulfull the goals. We would like to be your team members.
We'd love to welcome you and waiting to join us.

COO Mr. Naoaki Takayanagi

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