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  • Is there any age limit working as a helper or a care giver?

    There are staffs in their 60s giving service. Please feel free to consult.

  • There is image of Care giver means female staff, can males also apply?

    Of course, male members can apply as well.
    This job has particularly lot number of female staffs but male staffs are also involved in giving care service. There are vacancies actively wanting for male staffs as well.

Group Home/MFS

  • Is there any possible employment without having Care giving training for beginners' Kaigoshokuin Shoninsha Kenshu License or technical Intern Training Pogram (level 2 Home Helper) license?

    Employees and staffs in group homes and MFSs can start job with out having a license too.

Home-visit Nurse

  • Can a nurse with nursing license do a care giver job?

    People with chronic illness or disabilities, a nurse visits their homes, dispense prescription medication and manages medical equipements under the supervision of a doctor. For terminal care service, we have home-visit care giver service.

  • Earlier I worked as a nurse in hospital and had been away from household chords. Is it still possible to work as a care giver having a gap in work experience?

    People having a gap in work experience (experienced in hospital work with no experience in home-visit care), without worries we give on the spot job traning. So, reassure yourself.

Home Helper Service

  • Have Technical Intern Training Program (Level 2 Home Helper) license but don't have experience as a helper. Even after getting a job have worries about working on the spot...

    In case of Home Helper Service care, better to consult with experienced seniors. It will be chance to Learn clients speciality and care work style.. Make sure to make notes, figure things that you don't understand, ask questions, revise by yourself, own effort is necessary.
    Even professional helper also is a new comer at first, so apply with courage..

  • Is driver's license required?

    In case of home-visit care, if there is no vehicle sometimes it's hard to transport clients depending on area. In tokyo area, mostly bicycle is mode of transportation. For details, please confirm during interview.

  • In case of Home-visit care (Home Helper) work, without license can job be started?

    In case of Home-visit care, Technical Intern Training Program (Level 2 Home Helper)license or above is necessary. Our company has established to provide Kaigoshokuin shoninsha kenshu or Technical Intern Training Program (Level 2 Home helper)license.
    As above mentioned, there are job vacancies with out any license.
    Please feel free to consult.

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