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  • Dementia Response Cohabitation Care Service
    (Group Home)

    People with dementia, who needs constant care, we provide full help and support within small number group. In group homes, clients can conduct eating, bathing and other activities of daily living.(This service does not include who are in Requiring Help 1))


  • Small Scale Multi-functional Satellite Home Care Service (MFS)

    Senior people who are in need of care, we provide homey environment. MFS or community home includes 3 different services to clients with their own choices: day care center as main followed by home-visit care service and short term living care service.


  • Home-visit Nurse (medical)

    Our skilled nurses provide home-visit nursing service to clients with ailments and who need constant medical attention. The licensed nurses dispense prescription medicatons under the supervision of a doctor or both. If there is any illness or difficulties, or even while using the medical equipment, we provide support to recover clients staying home till the end.


  • Home Helper Service

    Personal Care Service:It includes bathing, meal feeding, asistance with toileting and fecal incontinence issues, transferring and stabilize client when moving as needed, changing diaper etc.
    Assist in daily life:It includes meal preparing, light housekeeping tasks like cleaning and vaccuming, laundary, shopping daily needs, garbage management, medication and appointment reminders etc.。
    Home-visit support for Long-term Care Prevention(LTCP):It supports to prevent declination in physical and mental functions of everyday life. Helpers assists in daily life activities like moving body, preparing meals and laundries. This service aims in client's daily life and self-reliance.。

    Self-reliance Support:Self-reliance Support is based on services and supports for persons with disabilities to live independent everyday.


  • Care Plan Support

    Considering client's physical& mental circumstances, family conditions, residential and living environment, we help to accomplish a relieved life combined with various services. Please consult our experts concerning anything about long-term care insurance service.


  • Adult Day Care

    Adult day care is service with facility of bathing, nutritious meals, advice for enriching participant's lives, check heath condition and rehabilitation.


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