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Currently working in our company actively. We asked them about their experiences.
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Currently working actively in i-community home
T.T (female staff)

  • Q1What was your goal when you entered this company (care giving industry)?

    A1During my high school years, I had an experience of care giving to my grand mother and found interesting. So, i went to Welfare University as motivated to be one.

  • Q2Now you are in charge, what is the challenge?

    A2I'm in charge of MFS plan creation. Need to tackle, both care workers and clients situation and conditon, people with dementia and clients ADL improvements, migitate their family members care would be the challenge.

  • Q3What is this company's (your office's) best point?

    A3Lots of staffs working with fun, bright with positive vibes. Naturally creating smiles on clients as well.

  • Q4Dream for future?

    A4I would like to be a dementia care specialist, so studying desperately.

  • Q5Have a word for those who are thinking of applying?

    A5Lets study and gain experience together and aim to become a care staff specialist.

Group Home /MFS working actively
T・H (30s, male staff)

Community-based long term care service series

We provide Community-based long term care services, 24/7 and 365 days, providing relief to our clients.

Best points of this work:
①"Community-based" is as it is called, staffs working in neighbourhood/community, giving service to a grandpa of that community/neighbourhood.
In this organization, staffs live in "less commuting time", even any in case of emergency, they can rely on us. I hate morning rush hours and this job is perfect for me.

②"Small scale facility", group homes have about 9-18 members, MFSs have about max. 25 members of clients are provided services.
Comparing to other Care services, clients are few in numbers. So, we can spend more time per client and perfect to give care in real as well.
When I worked in Large-scale facility, really wanted to spend more time with clients. After coming here, i got lots of time to spend with clients as they are few in numbers.
So, i think, we have quality of care giving facility here.

We assist on housework, growing vegetables and go out together.
While working, get feeling of going back to country side.
This work gives the feeling of spending time with own grand parents.

The work is in shift system, undoubtedly take day off and rest firmly.

Why don't we give community-based care service together?
We are waiting for you to apply.

Currently working as Home-visit care manager
T・N (20s, male staff)

  • Q1What was your goal when you entered this company (care giving industry)?

    A1One of the main reason would be i love interacting with people. I can work with people of various ages and got fascinated.

  • Q2Now you are in charge, what is the challenge?

    A2The challanges as a manager would be, operating activities beginning with schedule adjustment. Even its management job but its interesting as I get chance to interact with every staff with different personality, realizing growth of myself.

  • Q3What is this company's (your office's) best point?

    A3All staffs working very energetic, bright and don't quit. Each and every one take their responsibilty seriously, think and work as a team. Seniors advising and helping juniors. Even they go to work on site as one person, feeling of relief is also important as they come back to office.

  • Q4Dream for future?

    A4Continuing job category, male working as a household service worker.

  • Q5Have a word for those who are thinking to apply?

    A5This job is interacting with seniors, who are much and more experienced than us. We can learn immeasurable things from clients with their various experinces. If we listen to them obediently, I think our learnings will be helpful to our life as well.

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